The War Years

The Football League and the FA Cup were suspended for the duration of WWI and WWII.

A full four seasons were lost during WWI, however, Ayresome Park did not lay idle, as it was commandeered by the British Army and used as a military training centre. Following the ceasefire in 1918 it returned to it's primary function. To celebrate the end of the war Boro played in the Northern Victory League, which was competed for by eight North East teams.

The 1939/40 season was just three matches old when war was declared, the Football League being suspended immediately. Football continued throughout WWII with various forms of regional leagues and cups being competed for. A general rule restricted teams from travelling more than 50 miles to fulfil fixtures. The FA Cup was re-introduced during the 1945/46 season, but the Football League did not restart until the 1946/47 season.

 Select a season to see a match-by-match record. Matches in grey were played at Ayresome Park.

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