The role of the manager has changed over the years. At the beginning of the 20th century a manager frequently had other administrative or financial duties and it was quite common for the role to be referred to as the secretary-manager. The manager would often only see his players on a match day, after the board of directors had selected the team at a weekly board meeting.

It was not until the late 1920's that a more 'hands-on' approach was introduced, when the manager became more responsible for training and coaching. It is believed that Peter McWilliam was Boro's first manager to select the team for himself, but Boro's first real manager, in the modern day sense, was Bob Dennison in the 1950's.

During their time at Ayresome Park Boro had 23 full-time managers and a number of caretaker managers. Coincidentally Boro's first and last manager at Ayresome Park were both named Robson, John Robson in the beginning and Bryan Robson at the end.

The dates for many of the managerial records are far from being accurate. For the purposes of compiling the managerial records the 'assumed dates' are noted on the profiles. These dates are not necessarily the the actual dates of appointment or dismissal/resignation, but are the assumed dates of first and last games, and are inclusive of the day or month. Click on a manager to read a short profile and see their managerial records.

John Robson
1899 to 1905

Alex Mackie
1905 to 1906

Andy Aitken
1906 to 1909

John Gunter
1909 to 1910 (caretaker)

Andy Walker
1910 to 1911

Tom McIntosh
1911 to 1919

Jimmy Howie
1920 to 1923

Herbert Bamlett
1923 to 1927

Peter McWilliam
1927 to 1934

Wilf Gillow
1934 to 1944

David Jack
1944 to 1952

Walter Rowley
1952 to 1954

Bob Dennison
1954 to 1963

Raich Carter
1963 to 1966

Harold Shepherdson
1966 (caretaker)

Stan Anderson
1966 to 1973

Harold Shepherdson
1973 (caretaker)

Jack Charlton
1973 to 1977

John Neal
1977 to 1981

Bobby Murdoch
1981 to 1982

Harold Shepherdson
1982 (caretaker)

Malcolm Allison
1982 to 1984

Jack Charlton
1984 (caretaker)

Willie Maddren
1984 to 1986

Bruce Rioch
1986 to 1990

Colin Todd
1990 to 1991

Lennie Lawrence
1991 to 1994

John Pickering
1994 (caretaker)

Bryan Robson
1994 to 2001


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